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MSA’s V-Tec scaffold solution combines comfort and advanced safety

For the specific working conditions that scaffolders face every day, MSA offers a personal fall protection solution that is said to combine practicality with peace of mind. The V-Tec Personal Fall Limiter with aluminium scaff hook reportedly delivers durable protection that is both quick and easy to use, and comfortable to wear all day thanks to its lightweight construction. The scaffolding industry remains in the top three of the Occupational Safety and Health Admin’s (OSHA) most cited violations with the most frequent transgression relating to “each employee on a scaffold more than 10 feet above a lower level shall be protected from falling to that lower level.” The very nature of their work means scaffolders, when erecting, altering or dismantling scaffolding, are regularly exposed to the risk of a fall. In addition, scaffolders often work in adverse weather conditions. Rain, high winds and ice can all significantly increase the risk ...

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