Big Foot Systems provides support to a Yorkshire shopping centre

Big Foot Systems has supplied non-penetrative supports for rooftop plant to a shopping centre in West Yorkshire.

As a non-penetrative rooftop load management products manufacturer, it was requested that Big Foot Systems utilise its technical knowledge and experience to provide a design that would safely and evenly support the plant loads without damaging the roof, giving the developer confidence that the membrane would be protected.

Big Foot’s non-penetrative supports were successfully installed at the shopping centre, thus helping to protect the landlord’s roof warranty. However, the supports also offer future benefits to the shopping centre since they can accommodate any planned expansion of the development.

Big Foot’s non-penetrative design ensures that in the event of expansion, plant could be lifted and positioned on the new roof with no need to remove concrete upstands or steel stubs. Therefore, Big Foot Systems’ design is said to have the added bonus of saving time and labour costs on site with the potential to reuse the supports. The modular design means there is also the possibility to extend the frames, reportedly making it both versatile and cost effective.