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Breathing easy with new water-tight membrane

Tyvek e-Guard W1 launched as part of UK Construction Week

Launched at Timber Expo, part of UK Construction Week 2017, Tyvek e-Guard W1 is a low emissivity, reflective breather membrane with a water-tight difference.

e-Guard W also offers a high thermal resistance value to help improve both occupier comfort and energy-saving returns on investment.

All Tyvek membranes benefit from the brand’s technology, whilst Tyvek also guarantee the e-Guard W1 water hold out, which is recommended by TRADA, whilst offering UV resistance, especially if left uncovered for longer than expected periods, and enhanced airtightness.

Tyvek e-Guard W1 is certified as having a thermal resistance value for all cavi¬ties larger than 20mm of 0.75 m2K/W (using the NPL guarded hotbox method) and reflects 95% of heat radiation, providing thermal comfort throughout the year.

Tyvek e-Guard W1 is available for both timber frame projects and most methods of construction.

Whether used alone or part of a holistic system with other DuPont building envelope products, Tyvek e-Guard W1 comes with company assurances, technical back-up and ease of use.