CITB outsourcing marks ‘the beginning of the end of the organisation’

If the outsourced jobs are based at a location a significant distance away from the CITB’s current headquarters then Unite believes that the CITB is, in reality, outsourcing a massive redundancy programme

Cambridge researchers developing self-healing concrete

Microcapsules containing ‘healing’ agents can be added to building materials to allow self-repair of small cracks which develop over time

Smoke toxicity of building cladding – new report

New research on the smoke toxicity of building cladding, published by The Fire Protection Association, calls on the government to consider the role that toxicity should play in product approvals.

MHCLG Grenfell update – LABC responds

Last week, the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, James Brokenshire, updated the government’s response to the Grenfell tragedy.

Government bans combustible materials on high-rise homes

Local authorities to carry out emergency remediation work on private residential buildings above 18 metres which still contain ACM cladding

Housing survey reveals 12% affected by mould and damp

Research carried out across more than 300 local authorities in England and Wales has revealed a 12% tenant complaint rate relating to mould, damp and condensation.

Students from Peru receive the “Water Research Prize” at the World...

GROHE, founding partner of the World Architecture Festival (WAF), sponsors £10,000 prize money for the research prize.

Not-so-smart: Over two thirds of Brits don’t know what a smart...

Almost 70% of the UK public (68%) do not know what a smart city is or the benefits it can bring

Winners of British Woodworking Federation Awards 2018 announced

The BWF Awards celebrate the best of UK woodworking

Bingham development pays homage to WW1 Centenary with painted poppy bricks...

Developers Barratt Homes North Midlands and David Wilson Homes East Midlands are paying homage to the fallen of Bingham in a ceremony that honoured the recent World War One Centenary.