Millions of pounds to be claimed in tax rebates

Around a third of tax payers are said to be due a tax rebate in the UK

The smart construction solution to the housing crisis

Off-site construction has been hailed by experts as being the solution to the UK’s housing crisis

Warning signs for construction as output drops, says FMB

Recent research from the FMB is said to show that 87% of builders believe that material prices will rise in the next six months

Construction employers call on EU migrant workers to stay, says FMB

Recent research by the FMB is said to show that 76% of SMEs say that losing their EU workers will have a negative impact on their business

You can add £50k in 7 days to the value of...

Research from the FMB and HOA have found how different home improvements can reap rewards in the value of your home

Renewed collaboration commitment between built environment Institutes

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) and the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) have renewed their Memorandum of Understanding

Small builders are key to solving housing crisis say cross-party MPs

Despite having differing views on housing policy, cross-party MPs are said to agree on the fact that the government needs to do more to get small housebuilders building again

Delivery plan needed to address construction skills crisis, warns FMB

Vast majority of construction workforce are employed by small and micro firms who will be unable to sponsor foreign workers

‘Factory-prepared doorsets are the way forward’ says DHF

A police investigation into Grenfell found that a number of doors underperformed test standards by 50%

BWF Members’ Day 2018: Discover why and how to ‘build it...

The Members’ Day will include workshops on getting joinery products specified in the digital world, negotiating the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and managing a healthy and safe workplace