Gilberts takes office building into 21st century

Part of a 1970s office building is being taken into the 21st century with a sustainable alteration to its ventilation strategy.

Consultant Ernest Griffiths had to balance integration of the new strategy with the practicalities of suspended ceilings and large glazed areas, so turned to independent air movement specialist Gilberts Blackpool to assist.

As a result, Kimptons Energy Solutions has installed 270 of Gilberts GSFH fixed swirl diffusers into the ceiling, sited behind perforated tiles, balanced with LN linear bar grilles along the window cills and underneath the bulkhead of the large glazed areas, NV3 door transfer grilles and, in the toilets, DGA4 extract vents.

“The project involved remodelling the existing ventilation system, to create something that was more efficient: the existing system had been refurbished in part over the years, with some areas being integrated, and some stand-alone. The most efficient solution was to create a new unified solution, with new grilles and new variable air volume boxes,” explained Kimptons’ Chris Tolley.

Ross MacGugan, of Ernest Griffiths, added: “Gilberts’ grilles and diffusers were the most suitable technically and aesthetically for the project. The company’s technical team visited to assist with the design and specification. We know from many similar projects Gilberts’ technical data can be trusted and is reliable.”

Gilberts GSF diffuser, a patented design, uses radial vanes behind a perforated face to allow the introduction of high levels of air horizontally across the ceiling with rapid entrainment and intermixing.

The LN linear bar grilles have bars fitted flush with the flange face, angled at 15 to ensure airflow without draughts. Gilberts’ NV3 door transfer grilles are said to allow a regulatory flow of fresh air whilst being vision-proof. The DGA4 vents in the toilets feature a louvred face for a horizontal air pattern.