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Keeping warm on site this winter

Next Generation Working Clothes from Snickers Workwear help workers to defy the winter weather and dress right whilst staying comfortable when on site.


Continuous, hard work produces body heat and sweat. But when rate of work slows, the sweat cools to making clothing feel cold and damp. Snickers’ latest garments deliver ventilation and the ability to control and regulate the heat from your body, helpful for both work and leisure activities.

The new FlexiWork base-layer undergarments combine Merino Wool with polyamide for warmth, durability and ventilation.

The body-mapping mid-layer fleeces and knitwear come in a range of styles and fabrics designed to insulate by creating a pocket of air around the body. Both layers are complemented by an ‘outer shell’ of ALLROUND wind and waterproof jackets that will keep the worker warm, dry and comfortable.