Meet the Sanifloor…


Meet the Sanifloor – a shower pump designed to pump water away from wetroom installations or ultra low-level showers – even when there is no gravity drainage and underfloor space is limited.

Consisting of a two-part kit, this powerful dual-function shower waste pump can both suck waste water up from the gully and pump it up to 3m vertically and 30m horizontally. This means the pump can be placed above the gully by up to 300mm if necessary.

For the ultimate design flexibility, the pump and waste inlet can be positioned up to 3m apart horizontally whilst 3 waste designs, for tiled and vinyl floors or shower trays, can be specified in accordance with the customers flooring preferences.

With flow rates of up to 25 litres per minute the Sanifloor is designed to work effectively with popular rain head showers; making it the ideal solution for contemporary bathroom environments.


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