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Why you need a millennial office space

Millennials are said to place a lot of value on how a prospective workplace looks when they are deciding where to work


Office space is reportedly a deciding factor for one in five job-seeking millennials.

A forward-thinking working environment might be more important than you think to your recruitment strategy. Use this infographic to find out how to build an office space that millennial workers will demand.

We are approaching a time where millennials are about to take over the workplace. They are a demanding generation and they will not settle for the old traditions of the past. Indeed, one in five millennials would decline an offer of employment due to the employer’s office space. That’s 20%.

30 years ago, you might have felt lucky to have a job. Now, prospective employees are said to have the power to pick and choose.

If you want to keep the best talent at your company, you need to be thinking seriously about your office design.

Geaves, a surface solutions firm, has created an infographic to explore how a business can benefit from a millennial office space.