Polypipe launches single zone electric boiler for standalone projects

Polypipe, the manufacturer of underfloor heating systems, has launched the single zone electric boiler. The new boiler is said to remove the need for single room underfloor heating applications to be plumbed into the existing home heating system, reportedly providing an easier way for installers to fit underfloor heating systems into new extensions or conversions.

The new boiler is said to offer a solution for smaller, standalone projects where it would be impractical to plumb into a main system. Polypipe says the unit is designed to provide a completely self-sufficient underfloor heating solution for a range of projects, from standard applications such as bathroom conversions, kitchens and extensions, through to more unusual uses such as garden buildings, log cabins, or loft conversions.

For the installer, the single zone electric boiler has been designed with speed and ease of installation in mind. The compact unit is said to be a ‘one box solution’ which includes all the components required to run underfloor heating, and comes complete with simple push-fit connections, and fill and drain ports.

The 3kw boiler can reportedly supply the hot water to service Polypipe underfloor heating systems installed in an area of up to 38m2 (based on a requirement of 80w/m2) with a temperature range of between 24° and 56° and is said to offer improved efficiency over an equivalent radiator system. The boiler’s design is said to ensures that it can be accommodated into smaller areas, helping to maximise space while providing a more even and comfortable heat than radiators.

The boiler reportedly also enhances energy efficiency for the end user. Electric underfloor heating systems have historically been a strong option for one-off or single area projects, however as they remain independent to other heating systems, when the underfloor heating is on the electricity is constantly in use, meaning that they can be costly to run.

However, the single zone electric boiler is said to initially draw on the homeowner’s electricity to heat up the required water, and once the water is circulating through the system, the boiler only draws electricity intermittently to maintain the temperature. Polypipe says this offers significant cost and efficiency savings compared to a full electric underfloor heating system.

The single zone electric boiler holds British Standards Kitemark (KM 59690) and conforms to all relevant BSI and European directives.

Andy Coy, underfloor heating product manager at Polypipe, said: “Many homeowners are choosing to renovate and extend their existing property rather than move. We wanted to provide installers with a product that could deliver an efficient underfloor heating solution to this consumer market, for when plumbing into the existing heating system proves problematic. We also specifically chose a 3kw output, as this means the unit can still be powered from a domestic socket, removing the expense and time of electrical alterations.”

Inside the single zone electric boiler

Included within the compact module is all the required components for plumbing into the Polypipe underfloor heating system:

  • 3kw heating element
  • 2 port push-fit manifold
  • Pump
  • Expansion
  • Pressure relief
  • Pressure gauge
  • Filling connections
  • Air vent

The electric boiler features:

  • Simple wiring to standard 13amp connection
  • Simple push-fit pipe connections
  • A temperature range from 24º to 56° – ideal for UFH
  • Compatibility with Polypipe’s standard controls
  • Dimensions of 580mm in height, 360mm in width, and 168mm in depth