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Service initiative aims to connect systems with needs of site

Rinnai releases new Site Sizing Service

UK manufacturer of continuous flow hot water heating Rinnai has released a Site Sizing Service designed to give the right amount of hot water delivery to meet existing and planned needs.

The new service initiative – available over email, iPhone and site visit – is to give contractors and users the right mix of products and system which fit the needs of the site, rather than a ‘one size fits all approach’ seen with traditional hot water heating systems.

Chris Goggin, Rinnai head of operations, said: “Every site is different, and the tradition of oversizing a system ‘just in case’ is a very costly way for a site to have hot water on demand. The basis of our product concept is that the end-user only pays for the fuel to heat the hot water at the point of use. There are very few sites that might need a stored hot water facility – but this is very expensive.

“We are inviting contractors, designers, installers, end-users and consultants to contact us in person to discuss their new installations so that we can recommend the right system specific to the site.”