Advantages of using a home lift comparison site

If you are looking for high standards and technically accurate, credible content, Home Lift Experts says it provides some seriously useful information to help you and your client make an informed decision.

Home Lift Experts is a comparison website that compares a range of home lifts which are currently available to buy in the UK, including brands such as Stiltz, Lifton and Aritco. Information is easy to search and is broken down into bite-sized categories such as lift type, lift features, technical data, after care service and FAQs. You can also request a paper brochure by brand or speak to a home lift expert over the phone.

Another major benefit of using this comparison site is the ability to compare multiple options all in one place. Home Lift Experts showcases not only the attractive designs available these days, but also the cost effectiveness and the flexibility of a modern home lift.

Installation can be carried out within one day and you can choose from numerous different installation possibilities from standard fit where the lift travels from a downstairs room to an upstairs bedroom, or from more innovative configurations such as from a stairwell void up to a landing, from a garage to a reception room or even from cupboard to cupboard for maximum discretion.

Lift types available range from home lifts for everyday living such as the Stiltz lift which is compact yet spacious and can carry either two or three people. You can also get detailed information on a high spec model such as the Lifton which boasts an elegant design and neutral colourway. Finally, there is the multiple floor lift such as Aritco which can be customised to suit your home artistically as well as the number of floors it needs to travel.

Another unique advantage to using Home Lift Experts for your next home lift purchase is that they will manage the entire process from initial consultation and sale, through to technical site survey, installation and after care process.