Anderton works towards reducing cable theft

With cable theft costing the UK rail network millions of pounds each year, Anderton Concrete is tackling the issue with the launch of its new innovative-patented product, Ander-fin.

Theft of metal on the rails has been a prominent problem for many years, not only at the cost of taxpayers, but it also has the potential to bring the network to a standstill. The leading manufacturer of precast concrete products has designed a system to make cable theft virtually impossible.

Ander-fin is a newly approved cable anchoring system, which is patent approved and can be used in conjunction with Anderton cable troughs to protect from metal theft.

Every reduced weight trough, which Anderton now manufacturers, incorporates a slot in its base to allow Ander-fin to be fitted at the point of installation, which when used in unison creates a system that makes cable theft virtually impossible.

Shaun Forrester, sales director for Anderton Concrete said: “We believe Ander-fin offers an extremely effective solution to a continuing problem within the rail network and its shocking to learn an estimated 50,000 minutes per year are lost on the rail system due to cable theft. The beauty of our patented system is that we have protected every aspect of the system; this includes the void in the trough and the fin itself to anchor down the cable, which prevents any other system replicating the anchoring of cable via a void in the trough.

“For any railway scheme designers who are working in high risk areas, we encourage to specify the patented system as early as possible within the process. This will mean that the trough route is protected against potential theft and therefore reduces the chance of costly delays once the network is operational.”