Anthracite grey: trendy gutters from Marley by popular demand

With a velvety warmth and subtle hint of luxury, the anthracite grey shade has taken the construction industry by storm. Rainwater systems from Marley Plumbing and Drainage in the anthracite grey now perfectly match Pantone colour 7016, allowing specifiers to create a sleek and uniform finish and ensure an exact colour match with other external fixtures and fittings, such as doors and window frames.

Samantha Park, marketing manager at Marley Plumbing and Drainage, said: “Anthracite grey has been in high demand from our customers, so we have recently extended the range to include more profiles.

“Gone are the days when rainwater systems were only available in black, white or murky shades. Thanks to the extensive choice of colour we are now supplying, rainwater systems should not be an afterthought, but instead can play a fundamental role in creating the character of a building’s exterior.”

The anthracite shade is available in Marley’s Deepflow, Clipmaster, Flowline and Regency profiles, which offer classic and contemporary aesthetics. The chosen systems are suitable for a variety of property types, from residential buildings to large commercial properties.

Marley’s rainwater systems also benefit from Life4 rainwater technology. The advanced Life4 gutters and downpipes are co-extruded with an external durable, high specification material with high gloss levels, ensuring that the products look better for longer than standard systems. All materials used in the range are lead-free.

Acting as the key transition between walls and roof, a rainwater system can add the perfect final touch. Grey provides the elegance and functionality architects and designers are looking for, creating a contemporary finish that combines well with other popular architectural materials, such as metal and glass.