Bidding begins for Scape’s £13bn public sector frameworks

Public sector procurement specialist Scape has announced that it is searching for contractors from across the UK construction sector to work on two, four-year frameworks valued at £13bn.

As part of this search, Scape will create a new £11bn construction framework for England, Wales and Northern Ireland and a further £2bn framework for Scotland.

The four-year framework for England, Wales and Northern Ireland has the option to be extended until 2027.

The £13bn construction framework has been designed to provide direct support to the local economy and promote the government’s ‘green recovery’ plans across the UK.

All contracts within the frameworks aim to accelerate the delivery of innovative and high-quality construction projects across all sectors.

Mark Robinson, Scape Group chief executive, said: “The construction industry has a clear mandate from the Prime Minister to build back better. The entire sector has experienced a shock to the system over recent months. As a public sector organisation, we have a duty to play our part in accelerating project delivery and to ensure that the right mix of contractors is available to support the sector with a real commitment to innovation and local delivery.

“Importantly, we need to ensure that the wide range of adjacent social, economic and environmental objectives are uncovered upfront; that they are planned in and treated with the same rigour as time, cost and quality.

“Our role is to broker the right relationships and conversations between the private and public sector.  Underpinned by a delivery model that has a proven track record of successful delivery, we believe that our new construction frameworks will not only nurture those partnerships and deliver great buildings but that they will ensure each and every project plays its part in driving the economic recovery.”

Prospective bidders can register their interest in attending online market awareness events on the Scape website.