Wood and wellbeing: How wood panel products can affect indoor air...

David Murray, head of innovation and Ireland sales at Medite Smartply, discusses the role of wood panel products in the wellbeing of a building’s inhabitants.

There is no place like a modular home

Nick Cowley, managing director at PVCu window and door manufacturer, Euramax, explains the different ways in which modular builds can be used.

New code sets new standards for flat roofing

The British Standards Institute (BSI) has published the BS 6229: 2018 - flat roofs with continuously supported flexible waterproof covering ¬– code of practice

Why Modular Buildings and Lighting Controls Are A Class Act

As class sizes reach all-time highs and budgets keep shrinking, Martyn Frear, business development manager at CP Electronics, explains why modular buildings and lighting controls can ease the squeeze on schools and education.

What can construction companies do to improve gender equality?

Gender inequality is a long-standing issue that has crept into every industry, and construction is no different. Though many industries have a fairly even ratio of male to female employees at entry level, there are almost always fewer women at the top says 3B Training

Top tips to consider before working at height

Matthew Bailey, divisional manager, inspection and certification, at HCL Safety, offers his top tips to consider before working at height, and explains why professional inspection and certification can contribute to safer working.

How apprenticeships can address the UK STEM skill shortage

Nationwide, we're experiencing a shortage of workers who have skills in STEM which is overall affecting the economy. Amy Hodgetts from Houghton International, explores why apprenticeships are the answer

Material innovation for greener buildings

Hannah Waters, a freelance writer covering topics related to construction, sustainability and society, explores how architects and designers are responding to the current threats facing our planet through their choice of building materials.

How do architects design for temperature regulation?

Amy Hodgetts from Daikin, talks to Building Products about how architects can accommodate the need for temperature control in the buildings that they design

Building a better future: transforming construction

Construction is a significant part of the UK economy. However, we could be getting more from our built environment. There are a number of issues within the sector that are holding us back. What are the problems? What causes them? What’s the solution? Here’s a closer look at transforming construction.