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The Wonder of Wood

At a time when the construction industry is under increased pressure to build quickly and sustainably, Jeremy English, sales director at Södra - Sweden’s largest forest-owner association - explains how timber is perfectly placed to solve the UK’s housing crisis.

Are Gen Z’ers the perfect apprentices?

Often referred to as lazy technophilias, Generation Z make really useful apprentices, here’s why

A dynamic approach to fire safety system design

The role of digital tools such Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modelling in the design of fire safety systems

Want to know if your customers are satisfied? Commission a CS...

Roy Kemp, managing partner at Synergy Group Media, a specialist marketing agency to the building and materials sector, outlines the benefits of good customer communication and why talking to your customers and understanding what they say can improve your business.

Migrating towards bird-friendly buildings

With millions of birds globally dying each year after striking buildings, Leo Pyrah, product manager at Pilkington United Kingdom, discusses the challenge of designing and retrofitting developments to be more bird-friendly

Digitisation of the heat network customer interface

With new customer apps and cloud-based solutions hitting the market this year, heat network metering, billing and payment is about to go digital says Anthony Coates-Smith, managing director of Insite Energy, specialists in metering, billing and payment services for heat networks

Housebuilding’s saviour

Geoff Fawkes, director of The McAvoy Group, looks at how offsite construction is helping to address the housing crisis by increasing productivity

Building a better future: transforming construction

Construction is a significant part of the UK economy. However, we could be getting more from our built environment. There are a number of issues within the sector that are holding us back. What are the problems? What causes them? What’s the solution? Here’s a closer look at transforming construction.