A window to the future

Over the last 12 months, the UK windows market has increased by 1.2% totalling 6.82 million frames, with the value of installed products growing up to £2.38 billion. Here, Building Products editor, Sophie Stevens, talks to Lorraine Balch, certification manager for fenestration at the British Standards Institute (BSI), about the factors shaping the fenestration product sector.

Can concrete keep up its popularity?

Concrete is the most consumed man-made material and four billion tonnes of it was produced in 2017

Bringing construction sites in line with social distancing guidelines

With more and more people heading back to work, construction sites are having to be brought into line with new Government guidelines due to...

Digitisation of the heat network customer interface

With new customer apps and cloud-based solutions hitting the market this year, heat network metering, billing and payment is about to go digital says Anthony Coates-Smith, managing director of Insite Energy, specialists in metering, billing and payment services for heat networks

New code sets new standards for flat roofing

The British Standards Institute (BSI) has published the BS 6229: 2018 - flat roofs with continuously supported flexible waterproof covering ¬– code of practice

Low sightline IGUs: Why some specifiers are on thin ice

Alex Gray, managing director of Saveheat Group, says that the installation of non-compliant specialist glass units in heritage buildings may lead to injury and prosecution