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Choosing the right garage door

With garage doors accounting for up to 20% of the front elevation of a home, picking the right option can transform the look of a property and greatly improve its curb appeal. We speak with Mike Dray from NDC Garage Doors about the options on the market today and the benefits of the various styles

Senior’s low U-value PURe commercial door

Senior Architectural Systems has developed its largest, strongest and most flexible aluminium door system to date

Veka UK Group launches exclusive ‘ultramatt’ material

Veka's Spectral offers 'denser, richer quality of colour'

Velux offer rewards and free bacon butties to customers this summer

Up to £35 or €40 of rewards up for grabs with top brand partners

Laminated mouldings delivered direct

Systems supplier Veka Group says it has added “another string to its bow”

Profile 22’s Optima used for retirement development

Profile 22 Optima windows were specified in the development of 26 one and two bedroom apartments at Lewis House.

Key calculations at the press of a button

WinCalc 2.0 is an online specification platform intended for architects, architectural ironmongers, fabricators, mechanical and electrical companies and consultants

Summer greys

Veka Group has unveiled a new grey product to brighten up your sales pitch

Derek Warwick chooses modus for its practical aesthetic

Durlston Point is an arrangement of five detached houses in Swanage

Listers and Veka, flush with success!

When Listers was acquired by Roy Frost and he made sure that the partnership remained intact