Wet room ventilation

Toni Wong, product marketing executive at Airflow Developments, explains why it’s important for specifiers to consider ventilation systems for wet rooms.

British manufacturers concerned about changes to renewable energy policy

The majority of British manufacturers are concerned about changes to renewable energy policy and the bureaucracy that surrounds it, according to research by npower...

Attack of the clones

Dave Hughes, global product manager at Stanley Security Products, looks at methods for ensuring that token cloning doesn’t compromise the security of access control systems.

Stop the rot

Dr. Eric Rirsch, R&D director at Safeguard Europe, argues the case as to why specifiers should not be dissuaded from installing external wall insulation to properties, even though it can play a role in exacerbating the effects of rising damp.

CBI chief blasts Government’s ‘green’ policies

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has hit out against the UK Government's approach to energy efficiency and renewable technology. Speaking alongside the former Vice...