Closomat delivers accessibility to St Fagan’s museum

In its latest refurbishment, St Fagan’s National Museum of History in Wales has delivered accessibility.

The museum has included two assisted accessible toilets. The conventional WC has been replaced in both instances with a Closomat palma vita wash and dry toilet (as noted in the latest relevant British Standard). The facilities mean that people and their carers, who need support to address their intimate needs can do so, with optimum hygiene, safety, privacy and dignity.

Head of St Fagan’s National Museum of History, Bethan Lewis, said, “Facilitating access and enabling participation for all our visitors is an essential part of what we offer here at St Fagan’s. We already had a stand-alone changing place on site, but as part of the redevelopment project, and on the advice of access consultants, we thought this was an ideal opportunity to enhance our offering.”

The two changing places are both 12m2 and have no special access requirements. For each, Closomat supplied a mobile adult-sized changing bench, height adjustable washbasin, ceiling track hoist, privacy screen and palma vita wash and dry toilet. The palma looks like, and can be used as, a traditional loo; if preferred/required, the user remains seated when triggering the flush to benefit from integrated douching and drying. This removes the need for the user or their carer to manually clean with tissue.

Under British Standards, a changing place is provided in addition to conventional (Building Regulations Document M) wheelchair accessible toilets, and provides 12m2 (3m x 4m), with additional equipment including an adult-sized height adjustable changing bench and ceiling track hoist.

Closomat is a provider of helpful toileting solutions including changing places and their similar space to change facilities. Uniquely, the company can provide an in-house, ‘one- stop-shop’ complete package for ‘away from home’ assisted accessible toilet facilities, from design and commissioning, through to project management, supply and installation, and can also provide subsequent maintenance and repair.