Combatting harmful condensation with Glidevale universal tile and slate ventilators

Glidevale, the specialist building products and ventilation solutions provider, offers a range of universal roofing ventilators fitting a large number of tile profiles to help housing providers to manage the risk of harmful condensation in their properties.

Research has shown that about 20% of the air entering a dwelling, leaves via the roof. Moisture-laden air moving through the property can create condensation on the rafters which in the long-term could cause serious damage, including structural weakening by wet and dry rot, reduced insulation effectiveness and mould growth staining, often seen on ceilings. Harmful condensation only increases unless controlled ventilation strategies are put in place.

Glidevale’s compact universal range can be used where a single solution is required for a number of roofs and tile-matching is unnecessary. This includes the Versa-Tile G5, purpose-made to match virtually all interlocking single lap tiles and also the Universal Flat Interlocking In-Line Tile, which can be used with a range of tile profiles.

Glidevale is also said to offer a comprehensive range of profile and colour matched slate and tile ventilators, including hundreds of dedicated profiled tile ventilators to match almost any tile available in the market, making Glidevale tile vents suitable for both new build and retrofit schemes. When profile-matched and colour-blended with neighbouring slates, tiles and ridges, the ventilators are almost indiscernible once installed.