Creating kitchens anywhere

Saniflo says it is well-known for its range of pumps and macerators for bathrooms, but says it also leads the way in grey water pumping solutions for kitchen, utility and laundry environments. And whether a pump is required for a domestic premises or a commercial application there is a choice of units that can be used when mains drainage connection isn’t an option.

The Sanivite + is one of Saniflo’s best-selling pumps for grey waste water. Said to be ideally suited to a domestic kitchen or utility room, the pump has four inlets for connection to a sink and other appliances including washing machines, dishwashers, ice machines – even a bath. The unit reportedly handles hot, soapy water with ease up to a maximum temperature of 60°C, while the pump has a low activation level of just 95mm to ensure water is promptly cleared from the unit. It can be installed in a kitchen unit or concealed behind a demountable panel so that it is out of sight, but easily accessible for service and maintenance.

For light commercial applications the Sanispeed + is said to feature a robust motor to discharge waste from up to four appliances. The product is widely used in cafes, bars and shops particularly those that have undergone a change of use and didn’t have the appropriate drainage in close proximity for the discharge of water. The Sanispeed has also made its mark in offices, hairdressers, dental surgeries, laboratories and an array of situations where water needs to be pumped away. The unit has a carbon filter included as standard to ensure neutralisation of odours and can reportedly handle water temperatures of 75°C for short periods of time.

As with its domestic stablemate, the Sanivite +, it carries a five year warranty once a registration card has been submitted.

The Sanicom 1 and 2 are described as automatic lifting stations suitable for busy commercial applications. With a choice of one or two heavy duty, reliable pumps both units start automatically to pump waste water from a selection of appliances. With two 40mm inlet pipes and an air vent the pumps can also be routed via a grease filter when they are used in busy kitchens. The Sanicom 2 has a back-up motor to provide continuity of service should one fail. It also has a hard-wired alarm that emits a continuous beep for quick identification of problems.

These four products from Saniflo are said to ensure that additional facilities can be installed in places not served by mains drainage. Whether it’s a kitchen, laundry, cleaner’s cupboard, utility room in the basement or the loft, there’s an option from Saniflo that will avoid the cost of expensive civils work.