The easy-to-install domestic lift from Lifton

Lifton Home Lifts offers professional builders a contemporary, compact, and easy-to-install domestic lift which is capable of slotting into any building project.

The home lift is a lifestyle product which allows homeowners to enhance their environment with an innovative space-saving solution that provides an easier way of moving between floors.

The Lifton Home Lift does not require fitting against a load-bearing wall but instead travels smoothly on unobtrusive and elegant self-supporting stilts which fix to the floor on the lower level and upper floor ceiling. Discreet wire rope hoists guide the lift safely and quietly. This allows the customer to retain maximum living space in their rooms.

The lift is said to be very flexible and can fit discreetly into small spaces or room corners. Most commonly, the domestic lift will be fitted in a hallway or living room and travel upstairs to a main bedroom or landing area. There are many other – almost limitless – options too. According to Lifton, the lift also looks great positioned centre stage.

The lift has a built-in drive system and plugs straight into a standard domestic power socket which is said to make it energy efficient and quiet when in motion, making it appealing to homeowners who are future-proofing their home as well as those who have an immediate need for a mobility solution.

Installation could not be more straightforward. Lifton lifts are made up in modular sections which allow for fast installation. Building preparation work is minimal as the lift only requires a small opening to be made by a professional builder. Lifton engineers install the home lift itself and can have the product operational within just one day for a standard retrofit application.

The lifts require no planning permission, the maximum requirement needed to install a Lifton Home Lift in the home is a standard building notice application. The range of Lifton domestic lifts includes the two-person DUO home lift and wheelchair-accessible TRIO home lift.