Eclisse answers some commonly asked questions

Q. What different styles of pocket door system do you offer?
At Eclisse we offer two different styles of pocket door system the ‘Classic’ and the ‘Syntesis Flush’. The ‘Classic’ system requires finishing with decorative architrave and comes with a specially designed jamb kit whereas the ‘Syntesis Flush’ system is an architrave-free pocket door system. Perfect for a more contemporary or minimalist interior. Give us a call on 0333 5770828 to request a copy of our new ‘Future of Doors’ product brochure.

Q. Do you offer just single and double pocket doors?

No, we have a number of different variations of pocket door system to suit different situations. Our Classic range includes a single and double telescopic pocket door system, a Unilateral pocket door system, a curved pocket door and a Novanta pocket door. With a telescopic system two doors slide back into the same pocket giving you a wider opening for a given pocket size. The Unilateral system allows two doors for two different openings to slide back into one central pocket, perfect for where you are short of wall space for two pockets. A single and double curved pocket door with choice of door finishes are also available; a stunning addition to any project. The Novanta is the little genius of the Eclisse Classic Range. Half the door slides back into a pocket in the wall and the other half of the door folds back. This is ideal for situations where there isn’t enough space for a full pocket.

Q. Do you offer fire-rated pocket door systems?

Yes, we have an FD30 Classic Single and Classic Double Pocket Door System which can be used with any timber 44mm FD30 door panel. Our BIAS Soft Close with Anti-Slam is approved for use with our fire-rated systems. Both products also have approved optional self-closing devices.

Q. Do your pocket door systems come with doors?
The beauty of our pocket door systems is they accept standard size door panels so you can use a timber door style that will best suit your project. The only exceptions are a few of our specialist products such as the Curved Pocket Door and the Novanta pocket door which come with a specially designed door. However, we do sell Glass Pocket Door Systems and have a vast range of different glass door designs to choose from.

Q. What Glass Pocket Door options do you have?
Our Frameless Glass Pocket Door Collection marries the reliability and innovative design of the Eclisse pocket door system with stunning frameless glass doors from Karis. Based in the Veneto region of Italy, Karis have been producing decorative glass products for over 25 years and have built up a vast collection of designs for frameless glass doors. The glass door panel can be transparent or satin i.e. acid etched and polished for an easy-clean finish. A satin door panel lets in light but obscures what you can see. It is possible to have a plain finish but if you would prefer a design then the transparent or satin door panel can undergo a process called sandblasting to add design to the panel. Sandblasting is a form of glass etching. Intricate stencils are applied to the glass and using state of the art sandblasting machinery large decorative door panels can be created to the highest quality with a fine level of design detail. Other alternatives of glass finish available are smoked glass, mirrored and coloured glass. We have a 50 page Glass Door Brochure as well as a quick guide to designing and ordering an Eclisse Frameless Glass Pocket Door which are both available to download from our website here or alternatively give us a call on 0333 5770828 to request a copy.

Q. Why choose an Eclisse pocket door system?
All our pocket door systems have a ‘full pocket’ and a 15-year guarantee. A full and robust pocket is important as it is this structure that replaces the studwork in the wall. While pocket door systems are not included in the CE marking system, all our systems that have been comprehensively tested for strength and durability.

If you would like to find out more about the wide range of pocket door systems that we offer visit our website where you will find in-depth product descriptions, installation videos, downloadable technical documents, CAD drawings, BIM objects and NBS specs. Alternatively, you can call 0333 5770828 to speak to a member of our friendly Customer Service Team.

If you would like to operate full sized installed examples of our products and see how they have been installed call us on 01476 249528 to book an appointment at our London Showroom in the Business Design Centre in Islington.