Enfield’s doors pass new fire test with a reassuringly large margin

Fire doors exceeding legal requirement by 70%
Fire doors exceeding legal requirement by 70%

Post-Grenfell, the Ministry of Housing Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) asked some key fire doors suppliers to help them. Enfield Speciality Doors provided technical advice, design and fire protection expertise plus three sample doorsets designed to withstand fire for a minimum of 30 minutes. The new test, designed to address areas of concern in the Grenfell fire, measures the fire resistance of doors opening both into and away from the fire.

As Enfield has been supplying fire doors for over 50 years and manufacturing them for over 40 years, the company offered to make three doorsets for the test. The doors measured 6’6” by 2’9” with Sapele mahogany veneers, similar in style to those specified for 1960s and 1970s tower blocks.

To make the test relevant for today, the test doors were designed for real life as front entrance doors for flats. They have a PAS24 Security Rating with a three-point locking system, the latest smoke and intumescent seals, and a spy hole which many people want for security.

Enfield’s doors passed the test with a large margin: ‘opening in’ exceeded the time by 19% and ‘opening out’ by an exceptional 70% (51 minutes).

Nigel Sill, Enfield Speciality Doors’ chairman, said: “We were pleased but not surprised that Enfield’s doors passed the test, which MHCLG sponsored, with a reassuringly large safety margin. It’s critically important that the fire service and residents have enough time to get in and out safely in the event of a fire. So, we over-engineer our doors to give them this extra safety time built-in to every door.”