Forticrete, a innovator in the design and production of concrete and slate roof tiles, has supplied over 100,000 roofing and ridge tiles as the sole supplier for McArthurGlen’s newly opened Designer Outlet West Midlands.

McArthurGlen’s latest £160 million development in Cannock features a combination of Forticrete’s durable and aesthetically striking SL8, PAN8, Hardrow Slate, Gemini and Plain roof tiles.

Holder Mathias Architects, co-designers of the 30-acre site, initially approached Forticrete regarding two types of roof tile, but were so impressed by the breadth of shades and finishes available, they specified five different tile profiles in seven different shades.

The variations of grey and red roof tiles were chosen to create a New England Style aesthetic, creating a stylish exterior that reflects the high profile designer brands featured throughout the site.

Mike Hoehenwarter, Associate at Holder Mathias Architects, said: “Forticrete was able to provide a fantastic range of roof tiles that complemented the design vision perfectly, achieving a modern and contemporary look within the context of the vernacular aesthetic of the brief.

“Their customer support and specification support team also provided invaluable help to the design and construction teams throughout the project.”

It is this dedication to providing a bespoke approach at an attractive price that secured Forticrete the high profile contract, with its recently launched SL8 and PAN8 roofing tiles fulfilling the architect’s brief to create a visually striking, yet completely unique, exterior.

The new designer outlet, which opened in April this year, is McArthurGlen’s first UK opening in over 20 years and has already become a major shopping destination for the region, housing up to 80 iconic fashion and lifestyle brands in its first phase.

Mike Trott, Area Sales Manager for Forticrete, said: “This is our first partnership with McArthurGlen and we are delighted to be the sole supplier for such a prestigious and impressive project. When working with the architects at the specification stage, we were able to offer roofing tiles that were aesthetically different to any other on the market. This includes our innovative Hardrow Overture Mix, which produces a unique grey blend that cannot be achieved by any other manufacturer.”

The project was managed by Principal Contractor, Bowmer & Kirkland, with roofing contractors NRA responsible for the installation of all 100,000 roofing tiles. Mike concluded: “We are extremely pleased to be the sole supplier for this project and look forward to a prosperous relationship with Europe’s leading owner, developer and manager of designer outlets, McArthurGlen, in the future.”