Geocel’s joint sealant ‘easier to use than ever before’

Sealant specialist Geocel has changed the chemistry in order to improve the formulation of its popular expansion joint sealant, 201.

Now based on modern polymer technology, 201 from Geocel is described as ‘the easy and effective’ way of sealing expansion joints and perimeter sealing in glazing and other applications where a strong, durable seal is required.

Geocel 201 is a one-part polymer sealant that comes ready to use in standard 380ml cartridges. It’s main applications are expansion joints in building and construction and external perimeter pointing of door and window frames, particularly timber.

The new formulation not only makes 201 easier to use than ever before with easier gunning and tooling, and faster tack and cure times, according to Geocel, it also has an improved shelf-life and better primerless adhesion. It retains all of the old 201’s overpaintability and hard-wearing properties and is highly UV resistant.

Geocel 201 is available in white black, grey, buff, teak, and brick red to match any substrate.