Google for Startups backs construction-tech startup iknowa

Google for Startups sees potential in the Construction & Property Tech industry, cementing their interest through recent backing in, accelerating iknowa’s plan in building new digital experiences for Tradespeople, Property Developers and Homeowners.

For Tradespeople, iknowa is the first building and renovation platform where they can build their portfolio, quote and manage all of their jobs under one roof, completely for free. iknowa’s bold mission to become the leader within the building and renovation industry, centres around creating a space, empowering people and collaboration through shared knowledge all on one platform. Further pursuing the organisation’s broader vision, to transform; homes, businesses and lives across the world.

Daniel Ainsworth, Head of Marketing at iknowa, said: “the shortfalls within the building and renovation industry are clear. There’s a lack of transparency, support and communication, resulting in an endless cycle of poor quality work, disputes and project failure. Established organisations offer various propositions, but these offerings only solve a piece of the puzzle and do not address the bigger picture. We have a great responsibility and opportunity to remodel the standard and perception of the building and renovation industry, paving the way to creating a new normal for how work is conducted in the modern era.”

Rachael Palmer, Head of VC and Startup Partnerships EMEA at Google, said: “We were delighted to find the founders of iknowa, who have such deep industry expertise paired with meticulous attention to detail in the way that they built their platform to truly reflect the needs of their clients. We’re excited about the traction they’ve already gained and what they’ll continue to deliver.”

Allar Ahtmann, CEO and Co-Founder at iknowa, with 17+ years of industry knowledge as a tradesperson, commented: “I’ve experienced a multitude of solutions which still fail to address the root cause. We are living in a time of convenience, where people expect things to happen fast. Such a solution for this industry has not yet been created. Established industry players have opted to focus on building singular solutions with a complex journey, unintentionally causing knock-on effects resulting in; increased inefficiency and wasted resources. Tackling industry related root causes and providing convenience for this industry, for anyone on every-side is one of the main reasons why the iknowa ecosystem was built. iknowa is more than just another building and renovation platform. Through collaborative tools, it gives people the power to be in control while increasing overall; efficiency, transparency and support.”

Keano Chang, President and Co-Founder at iknowa, and a Former Cognitive Strategist at IBM, said: “We are setting a new standard within an industry, essential to every market across the globe. Recent ‘investment and support’ from Google for Startups, furthers our ability to execute against our roadmap. For too-long, platforms within this industry have been one-sided, benefitting a central organisation. As we bring about new standards within this industry, our growing community currently built up of; homeowners, property developers and tradespeople, are at the heart of what we develop and will be involved as partners, assisting how we shape the solutions for tomorrow and providing the tools to which they have been calling out for.”

“As a ‘people-first-platform’ we remain focused in delivering a; convenient, safe and personalised experience as we enter a new and exciting next phase, through enhancing tools historically seen for anyone to be able to effortlessly; create, collaborate, and complete building or renovation projects from, any device, anywhere.”

With iknowa’s public beta release anyone can easily create a project and receive free quotes from a select group of high quality tradespeople. Tools to manage a project end-to-end, receive proof-of-work and release payments, which tradespeople will receive immediately, from an FCA approved account will happen, from a simple click of a button.

Dedicated in addressing root issues, iknowa supports everyone; before, during and after a project. With added collaboration tools soon to be unveiled – iknowa has released a native messaging service to improve communication for projects, as well as protecting anyone to who may encounter an issue or dispute.