Green Infrastructure conference for built environment sector launches next week

Some 16 specialists, including Peter Massini of the Greater London Authority, Dusty Gedge, president of the European Federation of Green Roof and Wall Associations, and Dan Cook, chief executive of The Landscape Institute, will discuss how to establish more green spaces in urban areas at the Polypipe InfraGreen Conference on Thursday, June 28.

Among the key themes explored at the event will be the health and wellbeing benefits of green infrastructure, blue-green roof design and passive irrigation.

The event, which is being staged by Polypipe, the UK manufacturer of sustainable drainage and water management systems, takes place at the Institution of Civil Engineers in Westminster. It is open to all built environment and water management professionals.

Rosie Cheetham, Polypipe marketing manager, said: “Rapid urbanisation over the last century has come at the expense of biodiversity and clean air in many urban and rural areas. The effects are exacerbated by the increasing regularity of flooding incidents caused by climate change.

“This event will enable the built environment and water management industries to combine their expertise and discuss ways to make a real impact in the UK’s increasing urban landscape.

“We encourage anyone working in these sectors to join us to learn more about the benefits of Green Infrastructure, why it is so vital and how we can work together to improve UK living standards by transforming grey places in green spaces.”

Figures released by the Office of National Statistics in February revealed a staggering 83% – 45 million – of people in England live in urban areas.

Polypipe specification director Sean Robinson said: “Policy makers, urban planners and architects are fully aware of the need to change the way rainwater is managed in urban environments. For generations, the wisdom was to manage water away from buildings as efficiently as possible to minimise long-term damage.

“However, with mass urbanisation set to continue and cities contributing to a rise in localised temperatures, there needs to be a change in mind set so that we can harness the water as a resource to keep our cities cool, by keeping them green.”

Further information and to register visit HERE.