Install Eclisse Pocket Doors to enhance your bathroom or en-suite layout

If you want to make a bathroom, en-suite, or utility seem bigger and brighter you could move a wall to provide more room for your desired layout or add a skylight to increase the natural light. These are quite costly options but there is an alternative, you could install a pocket door. Satin glass pocket doors in en-suites and utilities are said to work a treat because they increase usable space and allow light to penetrate through. The satin glass is acid etched glass that is polished for an easy-clean finish. The further away objects are from the glass, the more opaque it becomes.

According to Eclisse, by installing a glass pocket door in your en-suite or utility you can:

  • Make the space feel bigger without moving the walls
  • Make the space brighter without adding a skylight
  • Add more sanitary ware in the space available
  • And you can install a bathroom lock with your Eclisse glass pocket door too if you chose a 10mm thick glass door option.

There are two thicknesses of glass door available. The Eclisse 8mm Glass Pocket Door range comes in either a plain satin or striped satin design with round stainless-steel handle. The beauty of the 8mm range is that prices start from as low as £475 +Vat for a single glass pocket door complete with the frameless glass door and high-quality jamb kit. All the 8mm single and double glass pocket door products are available to purchase from stock with FREE delivery.

The 8mm Glass Pocket Door range:

  • Designs and Sizes: Plain satin glass door with nominal door panel size of either 762×1981 or 826×2040 mm; Striped satin glass door with nominal door panel size of 762×1981.
  • Styles: Available as a single or double Classic Glass Pocket Door System, so requires finishing with decorative architrave.
  • Other features: Comes complete with a standard round stainless-steel handle

Products in the 10mm Glass Pocket Door Range are made to order and so have many more options and designs available.

Our 10 mm Glass Pocket Door Range:

  • Sizes: A vast range of sizes are available and bespoke sizes are possible also.
  • Styles: Can be coupled with a Classic Pocket Door frame which requires finishing with decorative architrave, or a Syntesis Flush Pocket Door frame which does not require architrave for a minimalist finish.
  • Designs: The choice of possible patterns, designs and colours for the 10 mm glass door is almost limitless! The base glass of the door panel can be transparent, satin, smoked grey or smoked bronze. It is possible to have a plain finish but if you would prefer a design then the transparent, satin or smoked door panel can undergo a process called sandblasting to add design to the panel. Sandblasting is a form of glass etching. Intricate stencils are applied to the glass and using state of the art sandblasting machinery large decorative door panels can be created to the highest quality with a fine level of design detail. Other alternatives of glass finish available are mirrored and coloured glass.
  • Handles: There are a number of standard handles to choose from included in the price. Alternatively, we have array of other handles and locks available to purchase for use exclusively with our 10 mm range of Eclisse glass pocket doors.

Glass pocket doors are also a possible solution for family bathrooms, but we would recommend that the glass door is sandblasted both sides or you opt for a solid coloured laminate glass door for complete privacy.

We have a quick guide to designing and ordering an Eclisse Frameless Glass Pocket Door which is both available to download from our website here or alternatively give us a call on 0333 5770828 to request a copy.

Of course, it is also possible to use a standard UK timber door of your own choosing with our single pocket door system and use this for your family bathroom or downstairs toilet. A range of Eclisse bathroom locks is also available for timber doors.

If there is not enough wall space for a standard size pocket, we have an ingenious adaptation of the single pocket door system called the Novanta. Half sliding and half hinged, the Novanta has a single door (which does come with the kit), part of which slides back into a pocket and part of which opens as a hinged door. The Novanta is ideal for en-suites, toilets as well as under stairs cupboards and small utilities; anywhere where there is not enough wall space for a standard sized pocket.