LEDVANCE leads the way with UV-C disinfection

LEDVANCE is showcasing a range of UV-C products that are designed to bring disinfecting light solutions to even more industries.

The LEDVANCE T8 UV-C and the Linear Housing UV-C Sensor can be installed in offices, hotels, shops, and other public spaces to make employees feel safer when working. These products benefit fully from LEDVANCE’s track record of innovation in UV-C lighting, and are backed by the company’s experts who can advise on projects and installations.

Commenting on the range, Steve Stark, Sales Director Trade UK & Ireland, from LEDVANCE said: “UV-C technology is our ace in the fight against COVID-19, yet the implementation of UV-C lamps has been very limited, confined mainly to the food industry, aquariums, wastewater and medical facilities. However, as COVID-19 continues to remain widespread, there is a demand for UV-C lighting to create virus-free workplaces and prevent contact or airborne spread of the virus. LEDVANCE is in a key position to support with this. The LEDVANCE factory in Smolensk, Russia, has been mass-producing UV-C lamps since 2012 and we hold more than 50 patents in low pressure discharge technology.”

The LEDVANCE T8 UV-C lamps are available in three lengths: 440 millimetres (15 watts / 25 watts), 900 millimetres (30 watts / 55 watts) and 1,200 millimetres (36 watts / 75 watts). They are CCG and ECG compatible and can be mounted on a standard G13 base. These T8 lamps last up to 20 percent longer than competitors’ comparable products (10,800h/L70B50).

The Linear Housing UV-C Sensor comes with an integrated long-lasting ECG (electronic control gear to regulate dimming), which is compatible with LEDVANCE UV-C T8. It has a detection range of up to 150 sqm (depending on the height of the installation). Its IR Sensor Safety Kit gives a 30 second delay at start-up and switches off the lamp as soon as people are detected. An anti-UV coating covers the lamp holder, screws and plastic parts. The Linear Housing UV-C Sensor is available in two lengths: 440 millimetres (18 watts) and 900 millimetres (33 watts).