Low-energy ventilation is top of the class

Breathing Buildings, the UK provider of natural and hybrid ventilation systems, has designed and delivered a low-energy ventilation system to a RIBA award-winning school in Southwark, London.

The £8m project at Ivydale Primary School involved the construction of a new two-storey building to double the school’s capacity.

As part of the ventilation strategy, a pair of Breathing Buildings’ e-stack A-500 units were installed in each of the eight ground-floor classrooms, while 13 actuated louvre-damper units were installed at a high-level in the atrium. This allowed an atrium cross-ventilation strategy in the ground floor classrooms, which did not have direct access to the roof. Plus, this had the added benefit of providing ventilation to the atrium so that it could be used as an additional social/breakout space.

On the first floor, the eight classrooms, are ventilated directly through the roof using eight Breathing Buildings’ e-Stack R-Series units with mushroom roof terminals. All the ventilation is then controlled via a bespoke control panel, also provided by Breathing Buildings.

The Breathing Buildings e-stack A500 unit is an assisted atrium system. By providing a flow path through the building, it also aids the adoption of a natural ventilation strategy for the surrounding rooms.

Breathing Buildings is committed to excellence in school ventilation design and has launched a new sector-specific brochure titled ‘Ventilation for Schools’ which can be downloaded here.