Marley’s dBlue soil system hits all the right notes

Marley Plumbing and Drainage has announced an extension of its dBlue soil range, which has been designed to reduce noise and acoustic vibrations to a level of 16dB at 4 litres per second discharge rate, when using acoustic pipe brackets.

The range includes 11 products including new backplates, brackets, an Akavent Aerator, an eight-way collar boss to allow connections to other Marley systems, and a straight coupling. The Akavent Aerator, for example, is shaped uniquely to increase the capacity of the soil stack, allowing the soil and waste flow from the higher floors to smoothly converge with the flow on the lower floor. The entire range is said to be suited for multi-occupancy applications such as hospitals, hotels and apartment buildings where minimising noise is a necessity.

The dBlue acoustic soil pipe is constructed in three layers, which reportedly means that the propagation of noise generated by wastewater flowing inside the pipework is severely limited. The triple layered pipes also available in 110mm and 160mm and are lightweight, which reportedly results in quick and easy installation – all while dramatically reducing the sound of wastewater.