Maximise light and space with Eclisse frameless glass pocket doors

Eclisse has launched its frameless glass pocket door collection.

According to Eclisse, glass is incredibly versatile; it can be fashioned to create a design statement, whilst at the same time dividing and creating different spaces and maximising natural light in an interior.

The frameless glass pocket door collection is said to marry the ‘reliability and innovative design’ of Eclisse pocket door systems with Karis frameless glass doors.

Karis, based in the Veneto region of Italy, have been producing decorative glass products for over 25 years. Constant research and an obsessive attention to detail has resulted in a high-quality product. The glass for the frameless glass doors is produced using a modern production technique called the float process, which is said to result in a perfectly smooth surface, which is then tempered for maximum safety.

The process Karis use for adding design, decoration and embellishment onto the glass is a highly skilled process performed by hand and not a product of mass production.

Design possibilities multiply and layout possibilities are said to increase when a Karis frameless glass door is combined with an Eclisse pocket door system leaving you spoilt for choice! The decision process is made easier by following these four steps…

Step 1: Choose the Eclisse pocket door frame style

  • Classic i.e. requires finishing with decorative architrave
  • Syntesis Flush i.e. architrave-free

Step 2: Choose the Eclisse pocket door frame type

  • Single
  • Double

Step 3: Choose the glass finish

  • Transparent.
  • Satin – i.e. an etched glass that is polished for an easy clean finish. Satin glass obscures what you can see but still allows light through.
  • Transparent and satin grey or bronze.

Step 4: Choose the decoration/pattern

  • Plain – transparent or satin.
  • Minimalist – choose from a range of simple line designs
  • Patterned – there are a vast range of sandblasted patterns to choose from the simple to the more decorative.
  • Embellished – it is possible to have designs with the addition of colourful “tozzetti” also referred to as Murano glass tiles.
  • Coloured – a solid or transparent colour. Solid colours can be laminated to have the same or two different solid colours each side or even a mirrored surface one or both sides.

The only other thing to decide is where to incorporate the Eclisse frameless glass pocket door:

  • En-suite or utility – a satin glass pocket door is perfect to make the space feel bigger without moving the walls and to make the space brighter without adding a sky-light. Frameless glass doors can be installed with a lock.
  • Bathroom – for a family bathroom we would recommend sandblasting the glass door both sides or opting for a laminated solid glass door for more privacy.
  • Open plan lounge/kitchen – double frameless glass pocket doors are a perfect way to close off and open up space when required whilst maximising natural light in a layout.
  • Hallway to kitchen – many people we speak to opt for a frameless glass pocket door between the end of their hallway and the kitchen.