Peter Cox celebrates 70th anniversary

Peter Cox

A leading property preservation business, Peter Cox, are currently celebrating its 70th year in operation in 2021. Founded by Peter Norman Cox, the business originally focused on stone cleaning and restoration, before branching into other areas of property preservation.

Over the past seven decades, Peter Cox experts have guided preservation projects on historic buildings and landmarks throughout the UK, such as the Houses of Parliament, York Minster, Selby Abbey, the Royal Courts of Justice, Cardiff Castle, Trinity House Broad Chare Newcastle, 43-46 North Bailey Durham, University College and The Castle Palace Green Durham.

After launching the business in London in 1951, cleaning building facades of smoke damage caused by bombs during the Second World War, Peter observed a trend of significant deterioration in the stonework at the base of buildings, and quickly identified demand for remedial damp proofing for properties across the UK.

In 1961 Peter diversified the business’ offering to include damp proofing and the development of a chemical transfusion damp proofing course system, starting a transition towards what the business is recognised for today.

In the 1970s Peter Cox added timber preservation including woodworm and wet and dry rot treatments to its list of services, and in the 1980s added remedial wall ties and insurance, followed by structural waterproofing, resin repairs and wall stabilisation services.

By 1989, Peter Cox had become one of the UK’s market leaders and shortly afterwards issued its 100,000th Guarantee.

After additional acquisitions and a short-lived name change in the late 90s and early 2000s, Peter Cox joined the Rentokil Initial UK stable of businesses in 2015.

Today, Peter Cox delivers remedial property care services to both the domestic and commercial sectors, including damp proofing, waterproofing and timber preservation, as well as the control and treatment of fungal decay, woodworm, and wall stabilisation services.

Steve Jameson, National Operations Manager at Peter Cox said: “We’re proud to celebrate Peter Cox’s 70th year of business. Over the years, the company has diversified to cater for market demand, and today the business is thriving as a property preservation specialist, and recognised as one of the UK’s market leaders.

“Our team of experts is qualified to deliver the best property preservation solutions for our customers and we continue to focus on maintaining our reputation for excellence that was established 70 years ago.”