Property developer Gavin Bridge launches new venture Spatia

Spatia, a new property development company, has been launched by award-winning developer Gavin Bridge.

Focused on creating places and spaces that build a better future for people and the planet, Spatia combines a fresh, open-minded approach with over two decades of successful property development and urban regeneration experience.

This new independent venture will spearhead transformational mixed-use regeneration, as well as creating low and zero carbon homes and best-in-class, future-fit workspaces in towns and cities across the UK.

Spatia and investor PfP Capital, the fund and asset management arm of Places for People Group, have already formed a strategic partnership that will transform St Jude’s in Bristol city centre into a balanced new riverfront neighbourhood known as Frome Gateway. They are actively looking for further mixed-use regeneration opportunities across the UK.
Spatia’s goal is to create 2,500 low and zero carbon homes over the next few years.

Gavin said: “I’m hugely excited to be embarking on a new venture at a time when the world of property, an industry steeped in tradition, is having to reinvent itself as we experience a major shift in how we live, work and play.

“That is a space I want to be in; challenging the status quo, raising the bar and instigating real change, transforming places, communities and lives by creating sustainable, inclusive neighbourhoods, future-fit, healthy workspaces and low and zero carbon homes that connect people.”