Put a stop to costly water damage and switch off mains water with your phone!

The new i-watercontrol from Surestop
The new i-watercontrol from Surestop

The humble stopcock underwent a revolution a few years ago when Surestop was launched. Now, the launch of Surestop i-watercontrol, will reportedly deliver further benefits for installers, homeowners, landlords, property agents and local authorities as the ability to control water away from the property is realised for the first time.

The technology which has been developed to protect property from severe water damage, is delivered through an integrated smart technology app which allows the water to be turned on and off remotely, ideal for unoccupied properties or for the occasions when a water leak is detected and the property owner is not at home.

“Surestop i-watercontrol will bring a whole new dimension to water control, minimising damage from leaking water and giving flexibility for turning water on and off in unoccupied properties,” said Mark Earnshaw, managing director at Surestop. “The technology is ideally suited to single or multi-occupancy dwellings and brings a new degree of adaptability to both on-site and off-site water control.”

The i-watercontrol water valve and remote controller is battery operated and is said to easily integrate into domestic and small commercial plumbing systems. With just a 30-minute installation time it can be installed by any qualified plumber and is WRAS approved for drinking water supply. Utilising smart technology, it can help in the reduction of water wastage, is unaffected by limescale and is supported by the Honeywell Home leak detector and sensing cord.

“Water damage can be incredibly costly to homeowners and those who manage properties such as local authorities or social housing agencies,” said Mark. “With Surestop i-watercontrol leaks can be mitigated, systems can be easily and remotely controlled and, water within properties can be simply managed at times of need.”