Recovery in Slow Motion on the Interior Doors Market

The decline in the market for interior doors in Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain) will amount to 9.7% in value this year due to the corona crisis. Even if the market recovers slightly in 2021, it will still take some time until the market volume in Europe has returned to ist previous 2019- level, as shown in a study by Interconnection Consulting.

Germany is Recovering Fastest

From today’s perspective, only the German market will have a larger market volume in 2023 than in 2019. However, even in the largest Western European market for interior doors in 2020, a big loss in value of 6.4% is to be expected. While the crash is set to slow down in Germany in 2021, the decline will intensify again in France and Great Britain in 2021 and will then be in the double digits in both countries. Italy is the country that has been hit hardest by the crisis. This year and next year, the industry is forecast to crash by 22.7% and 22.5%, respectively.

Structural Change

The market for interior doors was already under pressure before the COVID 19 crisis. The market volume stagnated between 2015 and 2019. A slower recovery on the door market is therefore not only due to the fact that building completions are being delayed, but also because interior tastes have changed. “Other room partitioning systems are gaining more popularity and are therefore reducing the number of doors per apartment unit,” says Jan Hudak, the author of the study. Interior doors are however used in contract construction- for example in the office segment, where an increase in demand for interior doors is expected in response to the COVID-19 crisis, as more separation of employees is required. This will increase the proportion of non-residential construction, which currently makes up less than a third.

Regionality is Very Popular

At regional level on the market, large national producers face smaller, regional suppliers, who can often respond better to customer requests and provide better regional delivery management. Therefore, the market is nowhere near as internationalized compared to other industries, such as the window market. The main companies are Jeld-Wen, Keyor, Theuma, Premdor, Sapeli, Prüm-Garant, WESTAG & GETALIT, Garofoli.