Rehau ‘gets smart’ with new Plumbing Manifold

Rehau has announced the launch of its new Smart Plumbing Manifold, designed and developed to offer a flexible, easy-to-install water distribution device for plumbers, while at the same time providing a reliable, and space-saving solution for the customer.

With full WRAS approval, the Manifold is said to be suitable for use in a range of domestic and light commercial applications. Its compact design and construction means it can be easily installed in a utility cupboard or other restricted areas within a building where space is at a premium.

Using Rehau’s Smart Link jointing system, secure joints from pipes into the manifold can reportedly be made quickly and effectively, ensuring a neat and secure installation, while individual connections can be made via isolation ball valves. The modular nature of the manifold means it is highly customisable, allowing for further manifolds to be added on if required and any unused ports can easily be capped off. The system is also suitable for applications requiring ‘zoning’ of water distribution to specific, individual areas of a building.

With off-site construction techniques increasingly being used on a wide range of construction projects, the Smart Plumbing Manifold reportedly works particularly well in these situations. The system can be designed and installed in the factory, with the pipework connected up swiftly and securely on-site, saving time and disruption.

Drew Clough, product manager of Rehau, said: “We believe the many features and benefits of our Smart Plumbing Manifold make it a real game changer for the plumbing and building services sector. In particular, its compact design provides the ability to optimise space, even in the tightest of situations and the time-saving factor for the installer is a massive advantage.

“Additionally, the superior materials used in its manufacture ensure a durability and reliability that installers and end users alike can depend upon. The use of ball valves and precision zoning means it is also straightforward to carry out maintenance as well as isolate any problems quickly, enabling fast diagnosis and repair time.

“With the ability to expertly control water distribution without the need for large, cumbersome manifolds, we have already received extremely positive feedback from installers and plumbers who have adopted the Smart Plumbing Manifold. It is a highly convenient and cost-effective water management solution and we are confident it will fast become a true market leader.”

Modular and flexible design means that capacity can be varied and sections added to facilitate more pipe connections. Blanking caps can close off any ports that are not required and the same port can be used for different appliances with the addition of a ‘splitter’.

The ball valves are made of PPSU (polyphenylsulfone), which is a high-performance polymer that will not degrade over time, unlike many existing metal alternatives and because the polymer is stable, potentially harmful leakage of plastic into the water supply is avoided.