Rehau videos showcase district heating services

Rehau is set to release five new videos demonstrating the various benefits provided by its district heating division. The videos will be available online at and will cover multiple aspects of heat networks, including: design, the product range, UK production, sales support and stock availability. Each aspect has different benefits, but all are said to improve the experience, both for the consultant and contractor.

The design service offered by Rehau helps optimise customer’s heat networks through addressing flow and return temperatures, pipe sizing, diversity, pipe routing, heat losses and BIM level 2 modelling. The video shows how the design team can support customers on large projects, providing the necessary advice when and where the client and consultant needs it.

Viewers can virtually meet the Rehau sales and technical support staff in the second film and are guided through by Kenny Boyle and Nigel Smith, two members of Rehau’s district heating team, the largest specialist sales team of its kind in the UK. They explain the benefits of choosing Rehau as a district heating partner, such as free on-site installation training and CIBSE-approved CPD sessions, as well as introducing customers to the technical support available for project optimisation.

Stock availability for Rehau’s district heating range is covered in the third film, demonstrating how they can tailor stock support to the needs of the project due to the customer’s ability to work directly with Rehau. The stock shown in Manchester is the largest stock of district heating pipes in the UK.

A fourth film concentrates on the production element of the Rauvitherm product and is filmed on location in Blaenau in north Wales, where the pipe is manufactured. It explains how the pipe is constructed for high flexibility, making it suitable for use in district heating, biogas, biomass and heat pump applications. It is the only PE-Xa district heating pipe made in the UK, which has reduced carbon emissions for Rehau’s UK District Heating business by up to 29%.

District heating products are showcased in the final video, which presents Rehau’s range of pipes and accessories. It focuses on accessories such as shrouds and the PE-Xa pipework, Rauvitherm, Rauthermex and the new polypropylene pipes that offer a fully polymer district heating solution. These products are flexible and reduce heat-loss making them perfect for heating systems.

Steve Richmond, head of marketing and technical for the building solutions division at Rehau, said: “Rehau is an innovative and forward-thinking company, with sustainability at the core of all our principles, and so our district heating solutions are ones that we are very proud of.

“With district heating projects still less common across the UK than other European countries it’s important that customers know we are there to support them throughout their design and installation journey. These videos demonstrate the time and expertise that go into making our products, and how connected we are to our customers.”

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