Safe haven

Britain’s holiday parks present some unique security challenges, centred as they are on providing seasonal entertainment for a mixture of regular and short-term visitors staying in separate lodges and static caravans. Such challenges require an inventive approach to security technology.

The trend is for holiday homes to be increasingly luxurious as customers (many of whom own their own) seek to create a completely relaxing, home-from-home environment for their time away. However, the more expensive appliances and fittings there are, the more of a target holiday homes are for opportunist thieves, particularly during the winter season when the holiday park is closed to visitors and may only have security staff on-site.

To maintain that safe, home-from-home feeling and protect holiday homes and their owners’ valuables, more and more holiday parks are installing security systems to deter criminals, which helps to give their customers peace of mind that their belongings are protected.

Connected protection
Ramtech’s Wireless Alarm System can be installed on holiday parks of all sizes and is specially engineered to cope with the demands of this unusual environment. There are potentially hundreds of physically separate holiday homes to protect in any given holiday park, so the system is wireless by necessity. It has also been custom-engineered in the UK to ensure that all components are robust enough to cope with plummeting winter temperatures while homes are unoccupied for long stretches, blustery coastal weather conditions in the nation’s favourite holiday spots, and the signal transmission challenges that are inevitably provided by dwellings whose shell is typically metal.

Each holiday home may be unoccupied frequently or for a long period of time outside of peak holiday season, often with the owners some distance away in another part of the country, so any security system really needs to have a central monitoring station so that holiday park security staff can respond to any issues as they arise. In our wireless security system, each individual alarm installed in a holiday home communicates regularly and directly with this monitoring station, so that the park’s office and security team have real-time access to security information throughout the park. Custom software sits at the heart of the wireless security network, processing the incoming signals from all the alarms installed around the park. In the event of an intruder alert, instead of setting off an audible alarm that may alert the intruder and disturb any holidaymakers in the vicinity, the system silently pages the security team directly so that they can respond to the alert.

It’s also possible for holiday parks to incorporate extra security features into this same wireless network. For example, they can choose to offer panic buttons which automatically trigger the alarm to give more vulnerable holiday home owners extra peace of mind, and to offer specific protection to gas bottles and other expensive equipment kept externally to the holiday home. Systems can even be set up to include check-in points around the holiday park, which combine to create an automatic record of the security team’s patrols for legal and insurance purposes, if needed.

Ultimately, a holiday park’s business depends upon its visitors relaxing and having a good time, and ideally, enjoying themselves so much that they’ll choose to buy a holiday home and keep coming back year after year. Installing a wireless system enables holiday park operators to reassure their customers that they’re taking steps to keep the park and holiday homes completely secure, 24/7, which leaves holiday home owners free to focus on family fun.