Saving time on the job


Offering more choice to its customers, LB Roof Windows has launched the Liteleader range which introduces three new products.

LB Roof Windows sales director, Adrian Cooper, said: “With Liteleader, we’re able to offer yet more choice to our customers – the builders, installers, roofers and contractors – helping them to better capitalise on the business that is out there.

“The three new products, EcoLite +, EcoWhite and EcoSolid, are perfectly positioned to help tradesmen increase profits on their projects. Highly versatile, the new range comes with a ten year manufacturer’s guarantee and provides a roof window for every requirement, as well as being a more cost-effective option,” added Adrian.

All three versions of Liteleader are easy to install and compatible with all popular roofing materials, from thin slate, to the higher profiled tiles. Featuring safety buttons which allow for the roof window sash to be easily removed or installed, and flexible fixing brackets, the fitting process is greatly simplified, with less time spent on the job.

With a smooth, flush appearance when installed, EcoLite + is a centre-pivot pine window. Its slimline wooden profile features a ventilation valve and allows for maximum levels of natural light and improved fresh air control.

Liteleader EcoWhite has a wide wooden frame pre-painted in white, making it sturdy but modern. The white paint reflects daylight, contributing to even brighter living spaces for the end user, and delivering a contemporary look. Also a centre-pivot roof window, EcoWhite boasts improved energy performance for maximum comfort and reduced energy bills.

Manufactured from led-free white PVC, EcoSolid is a tough, durable, and low maintenance centre-pivot roof window. It has a steel centre core for extra strength, and it represents a stylish addition to any room, but it is particularly ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and rooms with high levels of humidity.