Senior’s low U-value PURe commercial door

Senior Architectural Systems has developed its largest, strongest and most flexible aluminium door system to date – the new PURe commercial door.

Benefiting from the same sleek slim sightlines and patented PUR thermal break as Senior’s popular PURe aluminium windows and patio doors, the new PURe commercial door provides a secure and efficient solution for medium and high traffic areas where frequent access is required. Available as a standard, electronic-locking and panic-exit system, Senior’s new commercial door system offers exceptional flexibility and a wide variety of door stiles, configurations and design options.

Designed to perform up to a maximum leaf size of 1400mm x 3000m and 180Kg, the PURe Commercial door system can achieve U-values as low as 0.94 W/m2 K when calculated as a CEN Standard door and can receive double or triple glazing from 28-60mm for maximum thermal and acoustic performance.