Slimvac offers smarter route to ultra-thin, lightweight thermal insulation

The Slimvac range of ultra-thin vacuum insulated panels from Promat UK is said to utilise next generation materials technology to deliver the highest levels of thermal insulation in all kinds of applications, without the bulkiness associated with traditional insulating products.

With standard thicknesses of between just 20mm and 40mm, Slimvac panels are ideal for applications where space constraints pose a challenge to delivering on thermal goals. It is said to be an effective insulation for a wide range of applications including structures, flat roofs and façades and has ‘excellent’ potential for insulating white goods, refrigerated transport and temperature controlled packaging, with the benefit of being manufactured by Promat in ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001:2015 factories for consistent quality assurance and supply chain traceability.

Slimvac is now available to UK customers. The product features an opacified fumed silica-based core and outer envelope of an ultra-low permeation barrier film, and panels do not contain air. They achieve the same thermal ratings as conventional structural insulation, but in a much thinner format with guaranteed long-term, stable performance.

Ian Cowley, regional director (UK and Scandinavia) at Promat UK, said: “Slimvac is a future-ready insulation solution that gives designers, engineers and clients excellent scope to deliver superior thermal performance in numerous applications. It is no surprise that vacuum insulated panels are gaining in popularity, and now with the launch of Slimvac in the UK, the market can apply this advanced insulation technology with total confidence thanks to the technical and corporate backing of a global market leader.”

The centre of a Slimvac panel has a coefficient thermal conductivity of 0.004 W/m.K, and 0.007 W/m.K, taking into consideration ageing effects and thermal bridging. A unique Slimvac package helps to deliver the optimum performance levels and allows for easy installation. This includes Slimvac -Tape, which ensures the insulation panels are not adversely affected when joined, and Slimvac Top and Floor covers that protect Slimvac panels and level out imperfections of substrates.