SME builders now better represented on CITB Board, says FMB

Commenting on the CITB’s announcement on Monday 4, June, regarding the new appointments to its board, Brian Berry, chief executive of the FMB, said: “The FMB has long championed the need for more representation of smaller employers on the CITB board. We are therefore delighted that the government has appointed not one but two new board members with an SME background.

“I am delighted that FMB member Kevin McLoughlin MBE has been announced as one of the representatives on the CITB Board. Kevin has a wealth of knowledge of the industry which will prove crucial in helping to deliver CITB’s Vision 2020. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the building sector and runs a hugely successful decorating firm in London.”

Berry concluded: “Prior to this announcement, there was only one SME representative on the CITB board. Given that SME firms make up 98% of the construction industry and train two-thirds of all apprentices, we have been calling for the CITB board to be more representative of the full spectrum of firms in our industry. The news that two SME representatives have been appointed is therefore a welcome step in the right direction for an organisation that needs to continue to prioritise reform and make sure that it is listening to all sections of the industry. The appointment of Kevin and Robert Williams mean the board can now better reflect the needs of small construction firms and therefore better serve the industry as a whole.

“I very much encourage Kevin and Robert to ensure they are a strong voice for small and micro firms at board level.”