Vent-Axia’s Standard Range retires at 60

Launched in 1958, Vent-Axia’s Standard Range has spanned the decades and can be seen in a wide range of locations including many high-profile and listed buildings, such as the Houses of Parliament. Proving to be a faithful fan, with no significant design changes from inception to today, at the age of 60 it has earned its retirement and is set to be discontinued over the next two years.

Being such a design classic, the decision to discontinue production of the Standard Range has not been taken lightly by Vent-Axia. To help minimise disruption for customers, the British fan manufacturer has ensured it has enough components to secure production of this faithful fan for another 12-24 months.

To further assist customers, as a trusted brand Vent-Axia will also continue to support the Standard Range with useful spares, such as motors, impellors and electrical connectors. This means current installations can be kept functioning while using the existing housing, keeping the visible parts of the fan the same, which will be particularly useful for listed buildings.

For new installations or complete replacements there are several alternatives to the Standard Range including the popular T-Series which was launched in in 1986 and was originally intended as a replacement for the Standard Range. Since then the two ranges have co-existed side-by-side for 30 years. According to the company, the T-Series can, in many cases, directly replace the Standard Range with only a small amount of modification. The T-Series also has the added advantage of an extended five-year-warranty, giving peace of mind for the future.

“All good things must come to an end. The Standard Range has proved enduring in both its design and popularity over the decades, but now it’s time for it to retire having well and truly done its duty!” said Richard Paine, product and marketing director at Vent-Axia. “We apologise for any inconvenience the discontinuation of the Standard Range may cause and are happy to advise customers who would like assistance on selecting other alternative products. Where the external shell of the Standard Range needs to remain, we will continue to provide spares, otherwise the T-Series is an excellent replacement and is itself a design classic that is both durable and reliable”