Zinsser, perfecting paints and primers for 170 years

Zinsser celebrates 170 years of producing paints, primers and removal solutions.

The Zinsser brand was originally created in 1849, when William Zinsser set up the United States’ first shellac beaching plant on Manhattan’s west side and introduced shellac paint products to the US market. Zinsser now manufactures its range of UK products in County Durham, producing fast-drying formulas that make problem solving simple.

Whether you’ve got graffiti to cover up, fire damage, or a big issue with mould and mildew, Zinsser says its products are the muscle you need to wipe out all decorating nightmares in the home or on commercial projects, quickly and for good.

The Zinsser range of products include professional coatings for interior and exterior use and each of Zinsser’s paints, primers and removal solutions can reportedly be depended upon to do the job right, making the brand a must-have in any decorator’s van and a top-seller for paint merchants.

One of Zinsser’s most popular products is B-I-N, the original shellac-base primer-sealer. This primer, sealer and stain killer reportedly dries in just 15 minutes and is recoatable in 45 minutes, saving both time and money.

B-I-N’s unique formula gives it unsurpassed stain-killing power and covers everything unwanted, from water damage, to fire damage and more. It’s said to be the best primer for sealing interior wood and is the “go to” for spot priming knots or sap streaks inside and out, making it a key staple in any decorator’s van, according to Zinsser.

A newer customer favourite in the range is Zinsser AllCoat Exterior, available in matte, satin and gloss finishes. This paint is said to offer resistance to mould, cracking, blistering and flaking as well as rain and severe weather. Suitable for use with all exterior surfaces, such as wood, metal, masonry, plastic concrete and cladding, it forms a low-maintenance water-shedding coating in one hour and can be painted with a second coat after one hour. This self-priming paint is another product that is said to enable jobs to be completed quickly, efficiently and brilliantly. As Zinsser AllCoat Exteriorpaint can be matched to any RAL / BS or NCS colour reference, including designer colours.

Alongside an outstanding problem-solving product range, Zinsser says it also ensures decorators and DIYers are armed with the correct knowledge to use products efficiently, ensuring each job is competed correctly.

The Zinsser Pocket Guide, which is available as an app and printed book, is packed with expert advice on priming and finishing substrates, with detailed guidance and specialist product recommendations.

Zinsser’s UK-based technical support team are on-hand to answer any questions and offer expert advice. They can quickly tell you which product is best suited to a job, give advice on the best method of application and help establish how much paint is needed.

Zinsser’s UK-based specification service is also available free of charge, often working with professional specifiers, architects, maintenance managers, FM companies, property owners and professional on-site spray contractors to solve a wide variety of painting problems. The experienced team helps at every stage of a project, from initial survey through to specification and application of coatings, providing on-site advice, training and technical assistance.